Internet is filled with many fun and informative places one of which is Lifehacker. If someone does not know about it, then it is a website which talks about all the lifehacks you need to live a better life. There are various categories on the site and among these technology is one of the most popular categories for obvious reasons.

In this tech category, Lifehacker helps users to know more about different products and services, which include PureVPN’s review in 2018 on Lifehacker. That is what we are going to analyze here. But before that, we will explain a little more about Lifehacker and why is it insanely popular in the following section.

What is Lifehacker?

Lifehacker, a name so good that it gives the whole idea away and gets users spend more time on the site. You will find everything about life that you can think of including DIYs to money saving tips and tricks.


The brilliant content of the site has made it insanely popular among the masses and the well-educated guides and reviews have got people’s trust on Lifehacker. This is one of the primary reasons, why we are evaluating PureVPN’s review on Lifehacker. Now, let’s move to the review which we are analyzing in the next section.

Analysis of PureVPN’s Review on Lifehacker

Lifehacker has covered the review of the best VPN services and mentions all the notable features. PureVPN is one of those services which are there in the Lifehacker’s review. Lifehacker begins the review of PureVPN by praising its easy-to-use desktop app for windows and mac, web browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, exceptionally reasonable pricing and incredible speed.

PureVPN is mentioned as one of the fastest VPNs among all the top ones which are available out there. The support for P2P filesharing is also praised because of the brilliant speed and smooth downloading, which is the key element of peer to peer filesharing.

The claim of PureVPN about accessing US Netflix is there, but it is apparently not working for all the users. It is more of an issue with all the providers. Ever since the crackdown against VPNs by Netflix has taken place, accessing Netflix using a VPN has become extremely difficult.


In addition to this, Lifehacker ends their PureVPN user review with the mention of seven day money back guarantee, which has now been exceeded to 30 days. Additionally, the closing line is “if they aren’t providing you with the content you’re after, you’ll still be getting incredibly fast speeds”. PureVPN is one of the fastest VPN services and it has improved on security and privacy features, which makes it one of the bests, if not the best, out there.

PureVPN Review Lifehacker

PureVPN’s User Reviews on Lifehacker’s Discussions

Lifehacker is not merely a news publishing site where people only visit the site to read tons of things. It is a very interactive and lively place where many users voice their opinions in the form of comments or forum replies.


In these comments and replies, there are various comments which are actually the user reviews of various brands. Considering this, it is essential to look for PureVPN user reviews in these comments and in the forums sections. It certainly would not be as frequent as you can find PureVPN’s customer reviews on Reddit or CNET, but still these are important to at least know what users are going through and how the brand can help them.

Final Words

From a perspective of a brand like PureVPN, the platforms like Lifehacker are brilliant for two main reasons. First, the expert reviews on these platforms can get you great audience and great critical points to be improved for the betterment of the service.


The second important reason is to get more customer reviews on a totally neutral platform. It signifies how happy your customer is and how brilliant your service and behavior towards the users is. There are millions of users of PureVPN and many of them would be voicing their opinions about PureVPN in the form of customer reviews.

Lifehacker and similar sites are those places where these many users come to voice their opinions. Whether there is a problem where your user is recommending your service or there is another user who is seeking their advice, you must encourage the users to voice their opinions.


It is commendable about PureVPN that it values the user reviews, not only in the form of support emails, chats or tickets which they directly get, but also on the sites like Lifehacker, Reddit, Cnet and many other social media sites where its users voice their experience and problems about the service. It is one of the biggest reasons why PureVPN is one of the bests and at the top of industry in 2018!

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